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Whirlwind™ is a novel invention introducing a new process to remove tubercles and other deposits from the internal pipe walls of potable water mains.

Tubercles form as the result of corrosion inside steel and cast water mains and consist of layers of corrosion product (rust), building up over time to form lumps and mounds over local areas of metal loss.

Tubercles can severely reduce the internal bore of pipes, leading to reduced flow and a necessary increase in pumping pressure to maintain a supply of water through the pipe.

Current methods of removal involve the use of steel flails, rotated inside the pipe via rotating rods, impacting the pipe wall and chipping off the tubercle growth.

This method uses large quantities of water to flush away loosened tubercle debris from inside the pipe and this dirty waste water is dumped to surface drains. In addition the physical action of the steel flails impacting the pipe wall can dislodge the pipe at the joints causing leaks in the pipeline supply.

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