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The Benefits


Unlike present systems the Whirlwind™ system does not generate large quantities of dirty water, which, order to meet current Waste legislation, must be treated before disposal or removed from site by costly road tankers. Whirlwind™ produces a small quantity of waste which can be reused as backfill.

Health and Safety

The Whirlwind™ system operates at relatively low pressures, well below the current working pressures of the main. The Whirlwind™ process is a totally enclosed system with no exposed rotating parts giving great H&S benefits over both rack feed systems and Drag Scrapers.


The Whirlwind™ Cleaning Rig provides a more consistent timescale no matter what the condition of the main and, using only two personnel can typically clean a section of main in less than 1 hour. The system can clean much longer lengths of main than conventional systems and has cleaned sections of main up to 1,000 metres long in a single operation. The Equipment is extremely manoeuvrable and can clean sections previously inaccessible to the present systems. And finally the system is not limited to straight lengths of pipe like both rack feed and drag scrapers and comfortably cleans around 90 deg bends, through T pieces and handles changes in diameter.

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