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Mains Re-habilitation

Water is delivered to the customer using an integrated network of water mains.

These mains in the UK are of diverse age and condition and a long term programme of renovation in many areas of the UK aims to upgrade many of these mains.

This activity involves either providing an inert lining or replacement of the old main by modern materials which do not affect water quality. Where the existing main is still structurally sound lining it is the least disruptive option. The first stage in the process involves cleaning rust and accumulated deposits seen right - from the pipe wall; this leaves a clean surface - on which to apply the lining. Finally an inert poly-urethane based coating is applied seen below right.

This lining protects the water from the pipe material and the pipe from the water. This activity also has the additional benefit of reducing leakage.

The accumulation of corrosion products in the distribution pipe network occasionally results in the discolouration of customers' water supplies. The quality of drinking water in Britain is controlled by some of the tightest regulations in the world, with standards set by the European Union for over 50 different substances. The UK government has implemented additional and more stringent standards, set to protect public health, with very large safety margins. Some standards are concerned with aspects not related to health, such as the taste and appearance of water. The Drinking Water Inspectorate independently monitors the water companies and advises the government on their performance in all aspects of drinking water quality.

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