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Lead Service Lining™

In Situ Re-lining of Existing Lead Service Pipes

The Problem

Changes in European legislation regarding the levels of allowable lead content in potable water supplies has meant that Water companies in the UK now have a responsibility to reduce this level even further.

Whirlwind Harrier

Whilst all best efforts have been made throughout the water supply network to ensure lead levels are kept to an absolute minimum, one of the main causes of lead leaching has been identified as the lead communication/service pipe to the property.


Whilst the obvious solution would be to replace each service pipe to eliminate the problem, the cost of such an exercise to replace and reinstate services to potentially millions of properties is simply not a viable option.

The Answer - The Whirlwind Harrier

The Whirlwind Harrier has been developed to provide an easy to use cost effective solution to this extensive problem. The Harrier not only has the ability to clean and dry the pipe, but also has a unique lining system that coats the internal surface to provide a seamless barrier between the water and the lead pipe wall.

This combined with a built in chlorination system provides a one stop operation and allows the service to be restored in the shortest time possible.

Video - Serline - Service Pipe Lining

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